News & Events for Oct 25-31


For Junior & Senior High. 3 Mile Project, THIS FRIDAY Oct 30-31, 9:30 pm - 6 am. Start and end at RCC. Cost is $5 and a signed medical release form required. NEEDED: Adult volunteers! Sign up on the bulletin board.

Moms in Prayer:

Meets every Tuesday at Briona Seaver’s at 7 PM. Meets every Wednesday at Melissa King’s at 9 AM. Contact the office for the addresses.

Cancer Care Ministry:

The Cancer Care Ministry is a hope ministry. It involves prayer, counsel, visits, and assistance. It is centered on bringing God’s hope to patients and their caregivers, families, and friends. For more information, see Bill or Vicki Goss. Contact the office for the address.

Faith Promise:

We are currently at $48,314 for Faith Promise for 2015-16. If you haven’t turned in your card yet, please put the lower part in the box at the back of the sanctuary.


Snowbirds, are you preparing to fly south? Please be sure to get your winter address to the office. Include the dates you will be gone and if you would like us to send you bulletins and/or CDs of the messages!

Magnify Conference:

A two-day conference (Fri-Sat, Nov 20-21) at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, MI. This conference is a great opportunity to meet other brothers and sisters from mid-Michigan and beyond, as well as hear world-class teaching from Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and Professor of
Reformed Theological Seminary. Dr. Duncan will speak on the topic of
Sanctification along with Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor of University Reformed Church. Visit for more.

Mailboxes and Attendance Cards...

will be redone next week. If you’ve been attending and do not have a mailbox, please notify the office (use the visitor registration on the back of this tab) and we’ll get you set up. And be sure that we have the names of all your family members for attendance cards.

Disconnected phone numbers:

We have recently received word from our automated calling system that several phone numbers are “unreachable - disconnected”. If your phone number changes (because you’re moved or gone to cell phones), please be sure to update the office. If you and your spouse have gone to cell phones,
please designate whether you want the messages to go to only one phone (and which one) or both.

Hearing Assist is available!

If you would benefit from this option, please talk to the sound operator.


Our communion bread is now gluten-free.

Fall Back!

Remember that next Sunday, November 1st is the day to “fall back” as Daylight Savings Time ends.