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News & Events for Dec 24-30

December 27, 2017 | by: Michelle Goodrich | 0 comments

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Did your child lose a pair of glasses the night of the RCC Christmas Party (December 13th)? We have a pair of child's glasses in the office. Call or stop in if they might be yours.

End of year giving:

If you desire your gifts to be applied to your 2017 giving, checks must be dated and envelopes postmarked no later than December 31st. Checks dropped off at the church office after December 31st cannot be counted toward 2017 giving, even if they are dated December 31st or before.

Food Pantry Need:

Our food pantry ministry needs a volunteer to pick up a load of Old Orchard juice in Sparta on the morning of January 3rd. This person must have an open-box truck or trailer capable of hauling a one-ton box of juice bottles.  The box is loaded for you at Old Orchard, and we will have helpers unload the bottles.  For more information, please see or call Jeff Wood (contact the office for his phone number).

Haiti Mission Trip Funds Open:

We have opened two funds relating to the mission trip to Haiti in January. One is to help cover the cost of going on the trip and gifts should be marked “Haiti Trip”. The other is to help cover the cost of 1000 Gideon Bibles in the local language. These cost $2 each. Mark these gifts “Haiti Bible”.

Want to serve?

There is a list on the Ministry Opportunities bulletin board in the narthex. It lists our ministries and the contact name and number for each. Check and see where you can be serving at RCC!

Men’s Bible Study:

The Men’s Bible Study will resume until January 4th.

BUILD Men’s Conference:

Cost: $25. Speaker: Jared Wilson. When & Where:  Feb 23-24th at Lakeshore Baptist Church in Grand Haven. Register at

T4G Conference: 

Together for the Gospel is holding a conference Apr 11th-13th in Louisville KY and you’re invited! James, Bryan, and Joe are attending the conference. There is an info card available on the Welcome Center. Visit for more information and let the pastors know if you’re interested.

Sermon Series:

We have been uploading several of our old sermon series to the website. Check out “The Days of Yahweh”, “Sin: The Series”, “The Attributes of God”, and many others!

Core Classes beginning January 7th:

Genesis: Beginnings: taught by Dave Wood & Bill Haines
What We Believe: Systematic Theology: taught by Jeff Bays & Matthew Pollack
Please sign up on the bulletin board as we’d like an estimate of the number of people who will be attending each class.

Did you know...

The missionary pictures in the narthex have a slot behind them for updates? Every Wednesday, we put out the newest updates and will put a “new updates” balloon on the missionaries who have them!

Closing information:

We put closings on our website, our Facebook page, and on WZZM13.
If you have text messaging, you can go to and register for text alerts to be notified whenever
we post a closing.

Holiday Schedule:

On Dec 30th, the worship service will be at 10 AM and there will be no Sunday Bible classes. The church office is closed January 1st.